Friday, July 2, 2010

Sing for Hope

I am sitting in my house in Metro Vancouver, contemplating the summer in all it's photo worthiness. Well, it's time to hunker down and document my work at least bi weekly. So here goes, my friends. Stay tuned for photo related summer surprises and adventures. I was in New York City, last week, for a wedding. One night I found myself wandering aimlessly (who does this) through Time's Square, when I came across a little treasure in the square. It's a piano and on it it says, "Sing for Hope." I looked for the organization online and learned that, Sing for Hope, "is a non profit organization that mobilizes professional artists in volunteer service programs that benefit schools, hospitals and communities," I think it's pretty awesome, and I think is would be very beneficial to have projects such as this in Vancouver. Have you heard of, or seen anything like it?